Due to LBF17, shipment orders will be shipped again from july 1, 2017.

Incase products will sell out at the festival, we have the right to cancel the order.

Imagine yourself on one of the four incredible trance madness days during the biggest trance line-up ever. After a long day of enjoying your favorite trance legends, you and your fellow lumi’s decide to take a swim or to chill on the beach to relax. What will you dry off with? Maybe this XXL beach towel!

Designed for the Luminosity Beach Festival 10 Years Anniversary event, this xxl beach towel features all of the 125 trance legends performing at the festival in their own logos!


This towel is ordered in a very limited quantity so make sure to pre-order in time to make sure you secured your LBF17 XXL Beach Towel, collecting at the event to save on shipment costs is possible as well.