Line-up announcement Luminosity Beach Festival Afterparty

Two days of trance celebration on the beach not enough for you? As some already may know, for those we decide to do an after party! The after party has been confirmed for Sunday night at Club Exposure in Zandvoort!



Why this ticket code?
Tickets for this very intimate after party will at first only be available to those who already have purchased their Luminosity Beach Festival tickets. This to make sure that these loyal visitors have the first chance to purchase their after party ticket(s). At the 23rd of May the after party tickets will be made available to everyone so if you are interested in this after party then please make sure to purchase your ticket in time.

Where are the tickets available?
Tickets are available via the regular presales at When purchasing your ticket(s) a code will be requested at step 4 in the ordering process. Please make sure to use the following code: lumi5yrannivafter

How many tickets can I order?
You will be able to purchase 4 tickets per order.



The venue club Exposure is a very intimate location with a maximum of 500 visitors. It is located 600m from the Central Station of Zandvoort and very easy reachable by public transport. Luminosity will make sure this after-party will be of Luminosity quality so visuals and atmosphere will be amazing as you are used to.



When: 25th of June 2012
Where: Club Exposure, Zandvoort (Kosterstraat 1A)
Time: 00.00 – 05.00
Tickets: € 9,50 (
Email enquiries: // More info: