Luminosity 10 Years Anniversary Weekender edition is coming close!

Luminosity 10 Year anniversary is coming closer now! Only 2 weeks until then.

We can’t wait to see how you’ll like the event we are preparing for you with such a passion! For us the 10 year anniversary MADNESS is FAR FROM OVER and we are getting so excited as it approaches! Music will vary from the best of the melodic trance through pure uplift, to the hard techy sounds and not to forget some progressive sounds too. Everyone will hear what they came for!

Check out the artwork and see which day is(are) your favourite(s) playing, we recommend you come join is for both Friday 17th and Saturday 18th of November 2017 at Club Panama, Amsterdam. Combine a great vacation to the Netherlands with this mind blowing party or just take a long weekend and visit us, get a drink with friends, dance and enjoy the music šŸ™‚


FRIDAY 17 Nov 2017
— Random Order —
ā˜… Ferry Corsten
ā˜… John O’Callaghan
ā˜… Neelix
ā˜… Bryan Kearney
ā˜… Airwave
ā˜… Alan Morris
ā˜… Cold Blue
ā˜… Misja Helsloot
ā˜… Paul Denton
Hosted by: MC Da Silva

SATURDAY 18 Nov 2017
— Random Order —
ā˜… Simon Patterson
ā˜… Sean Tyas
ā˜… John Askew
ā˜… The Thrillseekers
ā˜… Chris Metcalfe
ā˜… Ciaran McAuley
ā˜… Daniel Skyver
ā˜… Factor B
ā˜… Robert Nickson
ā˜… Steve Allen
Hosted by: MC Da Silva

________________ TICKETS _________________

ā–ŗ Early bird tickets ā‚¬15
ā–ŗ Phase 1 tickets ā‚¬20
ā–ŗ Phase 2 tickets ā‚¬25
ā–ŗ Phase 3 tickets ā‚¬40

ā–ŗ Early bird tickets ā‚¬30
ā–ŗ Phase 1 tickets ā‚¬40
ā–ŗ Phase 2 tickets ā‚¬50
ā–ŗ Phase 3 tickets ā‚¬80