Luminosity Beach Festival 2023 date update!

Hey Luminosity family!

The Luminosity Beach Festival 2023 date has now been confirmed from Thursday June 22 till Sunday June 25.

Due to a very busy period in July at the Dutch beaches, caused by a national summer holiday for one part of The Netherlands, we have decided to return to our yearly June weekend date. This will work better both for the local authorities in general but also works better for the beach houses residents as in June the national summer holiday hasn’t started yet.

The long term relationship with the local authorities and the beach houses residents is very much priority for us.

We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your understanding!

The good news; June usually has cheaper rates (and more availability) for flights and hotels / accommodation compared to July and most likely there will be more parking spots available around the venue and also more space in public transport.

Make sure to secure your ticket now: