Luminosity Beach Festival: Change of Venue


Today Luminosity Events announces a new location for Luminosity Beach Festival happening on the 17th and 18th of August 2013. Luminosity Beach Festival was initially scheduled to be held at Blijburg aan Zee, Amsterdam. Due to constantly changing location and permit issues we have unfortunately had to change venue to Beachclub Fuel. Both music stages will be organized at Beachclub Fuel.

We decided to tell you all about the positive and exciting parts of our new location rather than go into the longer fuller details, because we believe this is a strong move for the festival. On the other hand the past few weeks have been an emotional time for all of us in the Luminosity team, so we fully understand this is not good news to those who bought tickets planning to attend the event in Amsterdam.

Changing venues so shortly before the event was not 100% our own choice, but as preparations went underway, increasing restrictions and restraints made it clear we just couldn’t create the festival experience that we wanted and which you deserve. We even had to contemplate cancellation, which would have been hugely upsetting for all. To both ourselves, as we’ve worked so hard to build this over the past years, but more importantly to you, because you put trust in us to create a memorable weekend for everyone to go wild – which we will!

We searched alternative locations which could deliver everything we’ve promised without restraint! Thankfully we found Beachclub Fuel – a beach site that allows us to build our stages into a very similar intimate setting, but also gives us better location facilities with easy travel connections and the ability to return to the our beloved Zandvoort/Bloemendaal beach.

So although not in the exact previously planned location, we will deliver the same incredible event with the added benefits mentioned above. Beachclub Fuel is a fantastic location 20 KM west of Amsterdam, which was the closest we could find without compromising on all we wanted to achieve. If we didn’t think this would be a step forward for all our festival goers then we wouldn’t go through with it.

If you wish to contact us about any further issues please email Heather who can personally assist you further –

We would like to give a huge thankyou to the team at Fuel for stepping in with such short notice. They are excellent venues and we’re sure it’ll be a fantastic event.

Video impression of Beachclub Fuel:

This change of venue will only affect the quality of the event in a positive way. Luminosity Beach Festival will deliver complete audio and visual experience to ensure that the audiences don’t miss out on any of the action. Despite the change of venue, the show will go on as scheduled earlier. Luminosity Events apologizes for any inconveniences.

However, because Blijburg aan Zee has a greater capacity than Beachclub Fuel, a limited number of tickets are left on sale, If you haven’t yet bought a ticket you can do so via

Bloemendaal Beach is easy to reach by public transport. Luminosity Events will organize free shuttle busses between the Zandvoort central station and Bloemendaal beach. We will also look into possibilities to organize direct roundtrip bus transport between the Amsterdam central station and Bloemendaal beach. Details about the direct transport will be released in a few days.

Please share this information with anyone you know planning on coming to the event. We hope you all understand and are able to join us on the 17th and 18th of August!

Full address of the new venue:
Beachclub Fuel
Zeeweg 7
2051 EB Bloemendaal aan Zee