Luminosity @ Pleasure Island Festival 31-08-2013

Pleasure Island invites Luminosity with top names!

Pleasure Island is a festival which goes the extra mile to really engage its visitors. Not just with a stunning décor or over the top awesome shows, but also with a new and serious hosting partner who blends in seamlessly with the vision of Pleasure Island!

Pleasure Island

Luminosity is going to charm everyone with an outside area on the Balkenhaven with a genuine real Luminosity sound. A sound that has been brought to many parties in The Netherlands and abroad. The organization is expecting a huge following from abroad to travel to the festival grounds on August 31st. Why is Luminosity such a great fit with Pleasure Island? Because Luminosity attracts the same crowd of seasoned partygoers who know what partying is and who can immerse themselves totally into the music given to them by the best DJ’s in the field. People who love to pop and dance till they drop. People who can appreciate luxury and a fantastic organization. The company presents with pride the line-up of Luminosity: Menno de Jong, Giuseppe Otaviani, Ummet Ozcan, Signum, Ram, Ronny K. With this line-up it’s a promise you won’t be able to stand still!